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Club related questions:-

Q: Can anyone attend a club meeting?

A: Yes, anyone is welcome.


Q: Can anybody become a club member?

A: Anyone with interest in vehicles can become a club member. All we ask is that you attend a Blue Ridge Runners supported event and at least one club meeting.


Show related questions:-

Q: Is it okay for non-members to attend the show?

A: Yes, members and non-members are welcome.


Q: Can I bring my dog to the show?

A: Yes as long as it is kept on a lead and any mess is cleaned up.


Q: When do the gates open to exhibitors?

A: The gates are open to exhibitors at 9am on the Friday.


Q: When is the event open to the general public?

A: Public are welcome on the Sunday of the show.


Q: Can anyone drive at the show?

A: All drivers must be fully licensed and insured.


Q: Will there be food and refreshments available all weekend?

A: Yes, we have caterers and a bar on site for the whole weekend.


Q: How can I contact the organisers?

A: Please see the contacts information listed below.